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9 Recipes to spark up your Christmas menu

Over the years I have perfected several recipes that are perfect for Christmas and other festive occasions. If you are in search of some inspiration for dishes to serve this holiday. Look no further! Here is a round-up of nine delicious recipes to add to your Christmas menu. Including hot drinks and cocktails, desserts and entrees. Read till the end for a little surprise.

1. Hibiscus Mulled Wine

Classic mulled wine recipe with a vibrant addition of Hibiscus flower that ignites a much stronger flavour, packed with minerals and Vitamins. A warm and perfectly brewed recipe for the winter and Christmas festivities.

2. Gingerbread Sponge Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

Gingerbread Sponge Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

A soft and decadent gingerbread sponge cake. A great alternative to gingerbread cookies. Just as delicious (if not more) with the feeling of a warm hug in every slice. Even more delicious when shared with family and friends on Christmas.

3. Smoky Party-Style Jollof Rice, the Nigerian way

Smoky Party-Style Jollof Rice, the Nigerian way

The richness and vibrancy in a Smoky Party-Style Jollof Rice are one most Nigerians look forward to on Christmas day

4. Oven grilled peri-peri turkey drumsticks:

Oven grilled drumsticks

A popular sauce with influence from Portugal and South African cultures. Typically used in grilling chicken but in the spirit of Christmas the peri-peri Turkey drumstick is the way to go.

5. Perfectly stuffed Nigerian chicken pies

perfectly stuffed Nigerian chicken pies

Flavourful and whole are the words to describe these Nigerian Chicken Pies. A low fat take on the classic meat pie but just as delicious. A great starter for the Christmas festivities.

6. Hibiscus Sangria (Zobo / Sorrel Cocktail)

Hibiscus Sangria (Zobo/Sorrel) - A fusion Cocktail

Delicious Hibiscus Sangria known as zobo in Nigerian and Sorrel in the West Indies. Perfect summer mix and equally great for the winter festive seasons, especial on Christmas.

7. Chocolate / Cinnamon Rolls (half and half)

Chocolate / Cinnamon Rolls (half & half)

Give the option of cinnamon rolls or chocolate rolls. A half & half tray of pure decadent perfection to share with a cream cheese glazing.

8. Classic Nigerian style fried rice

Classic Nigerian style fried rice

Nigerian style fried rice is a staple rice dish similar to Jollof. Made with a mix of vegetables, its a delicious addition to festive menu’s.

9. Nigerian puff-puff with hibiscus syrup

Nigerian puff-puff tower with a vibrant hibiscus syrup

The Nigerian puff-puff with the zobo-hibiscus syrup is a combination of two Nigerian classics that results in something exceptional.

Surprise: As a bonus, here are 4 plantain dishes that will make a great addition to your christmas menu

Sweet Fried Plantain

4 delicious plantain from various cultures around the world. Plantain recipes that will make a great addition to any Christmas menu.

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