Chef Immaculate Ruému

The Chef

A London trained chef, based in Milan and originally from Nigeria. A food enthusiast, that loves to cook and enjoy all that encompasses food. I enjoy fusing the cuisine from my upbringing with other local cuisines I encounter across the globe. Woven in my heart is the desire to innovate and bring Nigerian cuisine to the global dining table, whilst celebrating its culture and authenticity. Exploring a variety of local international cuisines with the aim of ‘Breaking Global Culinary Boundaries’. Carrying what I’ve learnt at culinary school and in the professional kitchens of London and merging it with what I learnt growing up and I’m still learning as I explore the world.

The blog:

A platform where I create and share food content. In addition to writing recipes, I also consider myself as a storyteller, I believe an adventure can be found in every meal. As much time as I spend in my own kitchen, the kitchens in restaurants and bars have always been intriguing to me. So I often like to tell stories about my visits to eateries, be it a restaurant or a caravan on the street.

My work: There is a lot that goes into food blogging, the behind the scenes that you don’t always get to see. The food styling and photography are all done by me, although I am a team of one, for now, I aim to grow both professionally and creatively. If you would like to talk to me about my work (chef services, content creation, consultation, photography & videography) you can contact me via email: [email protected]

In addition, I would appreciate it if you can understand that my work on this blog has taken a lot of time and effort to create. You are welcome to share or reblog my pictures, recipes and contents, all I ask is that you give credits and link back to this blog.

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