Immaculate Ruému

A Michelin-trained chef that enjoys all that encompasses food. Fusing cuisines from small local cultures and globally loved delicacies. Woven in her heart is the desire to innovate and bring Nigerian cuisine to the global dining table. Whilst celebrating its culture and authenticity. 

Exploring a variety of local international cuisines with the aim of ‘Breaking Global Culinary Boundaries’. Carrying what I’ve learnt at culinary school and in professional cooking. Merging it with what I learnt growing up and I’m still learning as I explore the world.

Chef Immaculate Ruému

About The Chef

Immaculate Ruému has lived a life between two continents. Through her travels, she has found food true to the same philosophy she grew up with as a kid “a simple meal with love is better than a feast where there is hate”.

Born in Nigeria with a coming of age in London or as she says “Nigerian baked with a scoop of London”, Immaculate takes her southern Nigerian heritage and fuses it into the European palate. Replicating on a plate what it is to cross cultures.

Currently based in Milan Italy, she combines her international industry experience to create her style of cooking rooted in love for culture and simplicity but aims to break global culinary boundaries.

Duality was a crucial part of her life growing up as a school kid in the city and as a farm kid on holidays producing honey and cassava with her grandparents. Today as a multifaceted food professional she juggles working as a chef in restaurants and running her own business as a food writer, recipe developer, digital creator and private chef to elite families in professional basketball.

Chef Immaculate studied professional culinary arts at the Chef Academy of London. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business administration from the European School of Economics and a Master of Management in Food & Beverages from SDA Bocconi School of Management.

Our Promise To You


Tasty dishes packed with flavours that will stir up a desire to come back for more.


High quality ingredients from local & global producers to create exquisite meals.


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