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Introducing Dine Afro Italo Supper Club

kickstarted the Dine Afro Italo Supper Club On January 28th 2024. An intimate dining experience where I invite guests to have a taste of my Afro-Italian dishes. Each dish tells a story of my love for Nigerian flavours, Italian techniques and the art of building connections through food. The evening

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Grand Afro Brunch

The Launch of Grand Afro Brunch (The GAB)

The Grand Afro Brunch (the GAB) is a brand-new event series celebrating the vibrant tapestry of African cuisine. Launched on March 10th, 2024, in Milan, Italy, it offers a unique dining experience transcending time, culture, and generation. Guests enjoyed a meticulously crafted five-course menu with three signature cocktails, created by

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pulled pork in red wine sauce

Pulled Pork in Red wine sauce: slow-cooked and juicy

This pulled pork in red wine sauce is my favourite sauce to serve with polenta. It also makes a juicy filling for wraps and sloppy burgers. Made with pork shoulder, red wine, tomato concentrate, herbs and spices. How to make the Pulled Pork in Red wine sauce Step 1- Sear

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Pumpkin Risotto

Creamy Pumpkin Risotto (Without butter)

Pumpkin risotto is one of my favourite dishes for the autumn(fall)/winter months. It’s pumpkin season and pretty much everything made with pumpkin and squashes is delicious. Risotto especially is loved by many because of its creaminess, balance of sweet and salty, and the hearty feeling it gives. As delicious as

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How to make Plantain Flambé using Irish Whisky

A plantain flambé is not something you’ve most likely heard of. When you think of a flambé the first thing that comes to most people’s minds are steaks, Baked Alaska, and banana foster among other vegetables, fruits and desserts. So why has no one thought to flambé a plantain? Plantain

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