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How to make Moi-Moi with Lentils and Tuna

How to make Moi-Moi with lentils – A Nigerian Savoury Pudding

As a Nigerian delicacy typically made with black eyed beans, making Moi-Moi with lentils is easier, quicker, vibrant and taste just as delicious. Moi-Moi is a traditional Nigerian dish typically made from black-eyed beans. It is a savoury pudding made from blending beans, peppers, onions, seasonings, oil and water into

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9 Recipes to spark up your christmas menu

9 Recipes to spark up your Christmas menu

Over the years I have perfected several recipes that are perfect for Christmas and other festive occasions. If you are in search of some inspiration for dishes to serve this holiday. Look no further! Here is a round-up of nine delicious recipes to add to your Christmas menu. Including hot

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