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The European Gelato Festival – Milan, Italy

Every year there is a gelato festival that tours around Europe. The festival showcases gelato (or ice-cream) creations from some of the best gelato makers in Europe. The “on the road” competition last from April to September. The participants with the best cream are rewarded. I was at the Milan stage of the competition on a sunny Sunday afternoon. There were sixteen gelato stands offering samples of their creamy creation. Each one bringing its own unique flavour or combination of flavours. One of the best gelatos I tried was during my trip to Rome, so I was excited to find other great gelatos in Milan.

Here are all the gelato flavours:

1. Lavender & Honey

2. Autumn bouquet (organic wine of strawberry grapes and almonds)

3. Goodness of Massimo (Almond, Pistachio & Bergamot)

4. My Oltrepo ‘ (cherry sorbet, Wine & Sugar)

  • Ice cream maker: Luigi Beretta
  • Gelato shop: Gelateria Agricola

4. Asprobronte (Melisetto, Finger Lime, Pistachio and Sicilian Lemon)

  • Gelato maker: Gian Paolo Porrino
  • Gelato shop: The art of the Dolce

6. Cream ice-cream (Milk, Cream & Sugar)

7. Ricotta and figs (Ricotta, Caramelised figs and Toritto almonds and Dark chocolate)

  • Gelato maker: Enzo Di Noia and Mauro Altomare
  • Gelato shop: Just Cafè

8. Salento coffee (almond, coffee and dark chocolate)

  • Gelato maker: Valentina and Sara Ciciriello
  • Gelato shop: Dolce & Gelato

9. Pear, pine nuts, cinnamon and salt caramel

  • Gelato maker: Giacomo Paulato
  • Gelato shop: Dulcis

10. The Two Towers (walnuts, stracciatella with green figs, walnuts, and cocoa)

  • Gelato maker: Mirco Mastromarino
  • Gelato shop: Festival des Glaces

11. E-stay green (cucumber, fresh mint, lime and ginger)

  • Gelato makers: Alessandro and Eleonora Croce
  • Gelato Shop: TiramiSù ice cream shop

Below are some of the gelato flavours I did not try, you might find them interesting. Just in case you want to have something in mind to try.

12. Chichia Morada (purple panicle, pineapple, lime, apple and spices)

  • Ice cream maker: Delia Lopez Aguero
  • Shop: Exotic Mango ice cream shop

13. The song of the parrozzo (egg, almond, orange and licorice)

  • Gelato maker: Catia Giancola
  • Gelato shop: Caffè Atene

14. Chocolate in love (milk chocolate, pecan and caramel)

  • Gelato maker Santo Palumbo
  • Shop: Premiata Cremeria

15. Mixed fruit smoothie mixed sorbet forest and fresh fruit of the season

  • Gelato maker Viviana Castelli
  • Gelato shop: Gelateria Viel

16. Tagliatellima cake (egg tagliatelle caramelized with almonds and amaretto and cream)

  • Gelato maker: Massimo Scaramucci
  • Gelato shop: Cremeria Gelateria Cucchi 2

The event also featured sponsors in the gelato industry. Such as: Cookies (The Original); they had samples of some of their best flavours. I tried the ‘Dark chocolate cookie flavour and the Lemon cookie flavour.

My fave 3 gelato’s from the participants are:

  1. Ricotta and figs (Ricotta, Caramelised figs and Toritto almonds and Dark chocolate)
  2. The Two Towers (walnuts, stracciatella with green figs, walnuts, and cocoa)
  3. Goodness of Massimo (Almond, Pistachio & Bergamot)

Although these 3 flavours were fantastic(in my opinion), the winning gelato was E-stay green (cucumber, fresh mint, lime and ginger); Based on the votes of everyone that tasted the gelato.

This is a great event for foodies to get gelato drunk. The next stage of the festival will be held in Berlin and of-course there is next years gelato festival to look forward to.

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