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Platina “Imagine the pasta” – Milan Restaurant

A new entry into my restaurant journal this month is Platina “imagine the pasta” as translated from Italian “immagina la pasta”. A moderately sized restaurant with a simple menu featuring a slight swank in the names of dishes offered. “alla chitarra” made several appearances in between the names of the spaghetti dishes. My original thought was that it meant tiny pasta, but to my surprise it means “on the guitar”. I think that’s absolutely swanky.

Aside from the dishes, the atmosphere and interiors were also simple but not dull. I loved the interesting display of wheat grains and the presentation of simple bread rolls in jars. For wine we wanted something fruity and the waiter advised us on a bottle of wine to share. It was a decent swirl to pair with the dishes.

Offered on the menu were the classics such as ‘Carbonara‘ and “Caccio e pepe”. There were also vegan, pescatarian and gluten free options. I opted for one of the gluten free options of the surging Khorasan wheat (popularly known as kamut). It was a delicious spaghetti meal paired with fresh mussels. As the meals arrived, the waiter told/reminded us not to put cheese on our seafood dishes. In time I have learnt that this is an “abomination” to Italians. However, I was surprised when my dish with mussels arrived with Pecorino cheese. Really interesting, maybe this rule differs depending on the cheese used.

Other meals ordered from the menu but not pictured included:

  • Seafood spaghetti alla chitarra
  • Sardinian gnochetti with onions, bacon and tomato sauce
  • Lemon and turmeric spaghetti alla chitarra with mussels.

Finally, when it came time for dessert, most people opted for the tiramisu and chocolate mousse. Overall it was a pleasant experience. On average the prices of meals ranged from 10 – 15 euros and you can get dessert for 5 euros.

Highlighted on my Milan Instagram stories is a little glimpse of this pleasant dinner at the Platina “immagina la pasta”. Enjoy! xo

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    1. It really was nice and the mussels were fresh. The restaurant is in Milan, Italy. I’ve linked their website where you can find the exact address.

  1. Beautiful presentation on the food from this restaurant. It looks delicious!! Great recommendation for Milan.

  2. What a great sounding place, those mussels are calling my name, they are my favourite seafood and love the idea of serving them with a lemon pasta.

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