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Posat Mediterranean Restaurant – Dubrovnik

Posat is an authentic Mediterranean restaurant located a road cross from Kings Landing in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Just along the coastline of the Adriatic sea. The restaurant serves delicious meals based on the local cuisine of the region and its fresh sea food could not be exaggerated. Before a dining an enthusiastic waiter gave a short presentation with a display of life sea foods; featuring a variety of crustaceans, squids, octopus and fishes.

The interior of the restaurant is classy and vibrant. We dined in and were serenaded with beautiful live music played on the piano. I loved the traditional table settings with modern incorporation. I enjoyed a starter of freshly made bread with a chefs special condiment. Followed by a plate of Octopus which was divine served with grilled potatoes. The menu also features beef and some vegetarian options. To say the least the food was great and I had a splendid time with my friends.

Posat is an elegant restaurant to dine, learn and laugh.

Immaculate. xo

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