Full Range of Professional Culinary Services.

With us, you can get a 360° experience. Our chef has an extensive culinary background and offers a variety of food services. Form weekly meal preps, catering, food consultation, etc.  All are aimed at meeting your needs. 

offering various courses and cuisines, whether you’re vegan or follow a gluten-free diet, in need of specialty cocktails, desserts, bespoke cakes and much more. 

Services we offer

Weekly Meal Prep

For the busy family, couple or individual. Lets help reduce your workload whiles elevating your palate. We offer weekly preparations of meals at your home. Cooked and packed for you and/or your family to grab and enjoy!

Create your own menu

We give you the choice to create your own menus from the delicious list of dishes that we offer. Including options to meet various dietary requirements.

A plan for everyone

Our rates and packages have been created to meet the needs of different households. From single individuals to couples and families with kids. 

Private Chef

Relax as Chef Immaculate creates iconic meals for you to enjoy. A private chef experience featuring unique blends of African and Italian influences

Global Service

Our private chef service are available worldwide.  All our services are provided at you own venue or in your home. Just relax and savour the experience.

Multinational cuisines

Our chef specialises in Fusion, Afro and Italian cuisines. Additionally, she has a vast knowledge of cuisines worldwide and is happy to work with you to cater to your palate.

Events & Ceremonies

From intimate gatherings to grand ceremonies, Chef Immaculate will deliver a top professional service with options of buffet style or a plated service. 

Intimate Gatherings

Such as birthdays, graduation dinner, NYE parties, etc. for 15 to 20 people at your chosen venue. 

Grand Ceremonies

Such as Weddings, Corporate events, birthday parties etc. Our chef will work with your events team to collaborate in giving you and your guest the best experience.

Cooking Classes

Explore diverse flavors with our hands-on cooking classes

Delight in the Classics 

  • Fresh pasta making, i.e tagliatelle, ravioli & gnocchi
  • Sauces, i.e Ragu, pesto & carbonara.
  • Desserts, i.e Tiramisu & Granita

Explore Fusion Cooking

Learn the art of fusing flavours and techniques from multiple cuisines. 

Important Client Information

Payment Procedures & Fees

Direct bank transfers are the preferred form of payment. All payments are done by bank transfer following receipt of an invoice via email from contact@immaculateruemu.com by the Client.

Invoices are sent from the chef via email after the service date. 10 days after the service date, a late fee of 10% of the invoice will be added to the outstanding bill.


To finalise the start of our professional relationship with the client, a binding contractual agreement will be signed by both the chef and the client.

We do not require a payment deposit before service. The contract mentioned above is enforceable and acts as an insurance for both the clients and the chef.

Communicating Cancelations & Termination of Contract

If the chef is unable to perform the services as agreed for any reason, the chef will notify the Client as soon as possible and will provide options for rescheduling or alternative arrangements. 


Both the chef and the client will provide ample notice for vacation time, so plans can be made advance for weeks when meal delivery will cease or be modified

Both the chef and the client(s) can terminate their contractual agreement with a 2 weeks’ written notice to the other party.


The Chef will honour the confidentiality of everything discussed with the Client. In addition, the Chef will not divulge that the Chef and Client are in a working relationship without the permission of the Client.

Travel, Security & Accomodation

Chef Immaculate is available to travel to the clients venue. Clients are responsible for the reservations of transportation to and from the location where the service will be delivered. Clients are required to provide adequate accommodation for the chef upon arrival at the destination

upon arrival at the destination is the responsibility of the client.

Health & Safety

The chef reserves the right to throw away food that the chef deems to be unfit for consumption. This may include the previous week’s meals the chef prepared. The chef is not to be held liable if you choose to ignore common food safety practices by not storing, defrosting, reheating or using proper sanitation in regard to your meals.

Our chef is accredited with a diploma in professional Culinary Arts and holds a HACCP health & safety certificate. The chef will follow proper sanitation guidelines and HACCP guidelines for preparing, cooking, packaging, and storing the Clients’ meals