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The Adventures of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia is a beautiful country along the coastline of the Adriatic sea. Encompassed of islands, hills and history. The destination of our trip was the prominent city of Dubrovnik. Surrounding the city are some old towns and villages. Our Airbnb was located in one of the small towns called Konavle, which is just a short drive into Dubrovnik. The drive through the smaller villages and upper town leading into the city features beautiful sights of the mountains and the Adriatic sea.

Most of the food in Dubrovnik were fresh and made in the traditional Dalmatian way. The people of Dubrovnik love and celebrate their culture and history. The city is very modern and tourist-friendly, everyone we came across was kind and friendly. Especially at the restaurants, where the food was amazing and sometimes was a complete giveaway.

Here is a list of things we did and places we visited.

Adrenalin Park:

This is exactly as the name implies; a park with great activities to get your blood pumping with adrenaline. An array of activities, such as climbing through several levels of a pentagon/polygon obstruction that finishes with a zip lining. There were also archery, zorbing, spin rollers and much more. The Sveta Ana Adrenalin Park offers great packages for groups of different ages and sizes. My entire experience at the park was superb, although exhausting, it was a great bonding time with friends.

Discover King’s Landing:

One of the major attractions in Dubrovnik is the filming location for Games of Thrones. Scenes of Kings-landing as portrayed in the TV series are shot in Dubrovnik and when filming is not going on, people are trooping in to tour the historic venue. On your tour, you will get to see iconic places from the movie, such as the Harbour where Little Finger & Sansa Stark Fled and many more. You might also get a tour guide who will tell you all about celebrity sightings, such as when they ran into Jamie Foxx. Who cares if it’s true, it was all part of the fun experience.

Kayaking through the Adriatic Sea:

On a sunny morning, we headed for the shores where we were met with an array of activities. We opted for the group kayak experience towards an island in the middle of the sea. It sounds fun, which it was, but it was also a lot of work. Let me admit, we did not make it to the middle where the island was located. Instead, halfway through we turned right, but don’t be like us, go all the way if you can. However, note that you might be required to kayak all the way back to shore. Overall it was an enjoyable experience.

Croatian Dalmatian Cuisine:

We ate a lot of great food. Every restaurant we visited did not fail us. Honestly, I felt like it just kept getting better. My favourite was the Posat Mediterranean Restaurant, delicious food and a great place for a celebratory dinner.

Cross the border into Montenegro:

Just across the borders towards the southeast of Croatia, you will find Montenegro. Another beautiful country with rugged mountains, small villages and beaches along the coastline of the Adriatic sea. It was a great way to end our trip, visiting two beautiful countries in the Balkan region of Europe.

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