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The way of Tea – Florence Tea Shop and Restaurant

La Via del Tè as the name implies is a tea lovers’ haven, the Italian name literally translates to ‘The Way of Tea’. I have never thought of Italians as tea drinkers in comparison to how much they love their coffee and wine. Nonetheless, It has been a desire of mine to find a good Florence tea shop and I’ve found just the right one.

This Florence tea shop on the entrance welcomes you with a beautiful display of teas in tins, vases and jars. I had all the intention of sipping some tea as well as enjoying some of the food for brunch. I went for both the classic English scones, clotted cream and jam; alongside something unexpected and unconventional. The meal came with wholesome accompaniments of prosecco, freshly squeezed orange juice and a delightful kettle of tea. My hot brew of choice was the ‘Oolong Honey Orchid’, which I absolutely loved.

The highlight of this brunch was a plate of smoked salmon served with green tea sauce. A combination I could not have come up with. As a true afternoon tea enthusiast, spoilt in reputable the London way, I must say the addition of the green sauce, which is basically Matcha cream, was very pleasant. Although I was full after savouring every last bite, I couldn’t resist digging into a slice of apple pie with green tea flavoured ice cream. Seems like there is a lot of green tea/matcha thee here. The pie was delicious and as for the ice cream, I did not expect such a distinct flavour. Altogether it was a lovely experience.

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