When in Rome: 7 Tips & Places to visit

4. When in Rome watch the sunset at the Colosseum:

When in Rome, do as the Roman’s do, is a popular phrase that we all know. One summer I took a short trip to Rome and it was blissful. Just for a couple of days and I felt like I pretty much got the hang of the Roman lifestyle, or so I think. I probably shouldn’t go as far as calling myself a Roman goddess, not yet at least. With summer finally in near sight, I thought it would be nice to reminisce of my Roman days and ways; allow me to share with you what I got up to when I was in Rome

1. When in Rome eat gelato:

Summer or not, there’s never a wrong time for gelato; not especially when you find yourself in one of the oldest gelato shops. One of Italy’s most remarkable gelato shops, Gelateria La Romana was open in 1942 and serves the best gelato I’ve tasted thus far. Speaking of gelato, did you know there is a European gelato festival that tours major cities of Italy? Well Yes! I attended the gelato festival in Milan and it was fun!

2. When in Rome have breakfast:

Let’s be honest, we tend to forget to eat breakfast most days. Especially if we have to run to work, but away from the everyday bustle of life, you can have a delightful breakfast. I mean what else do you travel to Rome for, other than to be able to give yourself the pleasures of just leisurely taking a morning walk and popping into a nice cafe or restaurant for breakfast.

3. When in Rome visit St. Peter’s Basilica:

It is almost impossible to exaggerate how awesome Rome is. BUT, the Vatican City is worth the hype. Also, unlike me; ‘be yee not ignorant’ and acquire all the necessary information. Such as knowing not to wear any clothing above your knees or sleeveless.

4. When in Rome watch the sunset at the Colosseum:

One does not simply go to Rome without seeing the Colosseum. It is one thing to visit the Colosseum, BUT, It is epic catching the sunset.

5. When in Rome, make a wish at ‘Trivi Fountain’:

This fountain comes alive at night. The crowd is massive, BUT, a coin in your hand and a wish at heart brings the people together.

6. When in Rome, Sip Aperol Spritz:

This wine-based cocktail is a popular beverage in the northeast region of Italy. We all love (or may I say most of us) a glass of Prosseco now and then, BUT going out for ‘Aperetivo’ (Italian aperitif) is an absolute delight. I had my first taste at the Antica Roma, a lovely restaurant overlooking the Vittoriano Monument; another stunning site Rome has to offer.

7. When in Rome pick up a Granita:

After nearly over a year in Italy, this was my first time trying a granita. At night whilst taking a stroll in the city, I came across GROM. I had my first taste of the sugary shaved ice treat and honestly, it was a bit too much sugar  (pure sugar in my opinion) for my taste buds. That’s just my personal preference, but, of course, not everyone is like me, so you might want to make a stop for a granita.

There are even more awesome places to visit and things to do. I won’t give it all away, it is now left for you to awaken your inner explorer. If you’re keen on visiting more European cities you might like The Adventures of Dubrovnik, Croatia.

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